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International Code of Nursing Ethics

  • The fundamental responsibility of the nurse is three fold: to conserve life, to alleviate suffering and to promote health.
  • The nurse must maintain at all times the highest standards of nursing care and professional conduct.
  • The nurse must not only be well prepared to practice, but must maintain her knowledge and skill at a consistently high level.
  • The Nurse must respect the religious belief of the patient.
  • Nurses must hold in confidence all personal information entrusted to them.
  • A nurse recognises not only the responsibilities, but the limitations of her professional functions, recommends or gives medical treatment without medical orders only in emergencies and reports such as an action to the physician at the earliest possible moment.
  • The Nurse is under an obligation to carry out the physician's order intelligently and loyally and to refuse to participate in unethical procedures.
  • The nurses sustains confidence in the physician and the other members of the health team. Incomplete and unethical conduct in associates should be exposed, but only to the proper authority.
  • A nurse is entitled to just remuneration, and accepts only such compensation as the contract, actual or implied, provides.
  • Nurses do not permit their work to be used in connection with the advertisement of products or in any other form of self advertisement.
  • The nurse in private life adhers to standards of personal ethics which reflects credit upon profession.
  • In personal conduct nurse should not knowingly disregard the accepted patterns of behaviour of the community in which they live and work.
  • A nurse should partcipate and share responsibility with other citizen and other health professions in promoting efforts to meet the health needs of the public - local, state, national and international.
Each nurse is expected to study this code and make it a part of her life.

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