Future Plans

objectives of Courses

After the Study, the Student is expected to :
  • have the aptitude, knowledge and skill necessary for assessing nursing needs of the individuals throughout the life cycle, families & communities.
  • Apply relevant knowledge from biological & behavioural science in planning and carrying out sage nursing care activities.
  • Co-operated with other members of the health team in the hospital or in the community in prevention of disease, promotion of health, restoration of health & rehabilitation.
  • Impart health knowledge to individuals & groups through health education.
  • Demonstrate skill in the use of problem solving methods in nursing practice.
  • Demonstrate ability to supervise and guide auxillary personal who are part of the nursing team.
  • Demonstrate understanding of and commitment to professional behaviour.
  • Carry out the above in the true spirit of service to fellow men and be committed to the welfare of the community.

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